10 November 2015

Pisa In A Day

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Location: The Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy

When I and my boyfriend were in Rome, we were looking at a map and debating whether to head to Pisa for a couple of days. We were staying in a little flat about 15 minutes from the Colosseum. The lovely lady we were staying with heard our plans of Pisa. She screwed her nose up, took a puff of her cigarette, and exhaling replied, "by the time you finish cigarette, you've seen Pisa". But as optimistic travellers, we decided to go anyway. I mean how often in life will you get to see that leaning tower if you don't even live in Italy?

21 October 2015

A Northern Soul

Location: The Haçienda, Oldham Canal, Manchester 

Autumn in the city is something I adore and look forward to all year. The hustle and bustle doesn't feel so strained or difficult, and there's a faint sense of excitement in the air knowing that Christmas and all its festivities such as the German markets, lights and Arndale grotto will be arriving in just a matter of weeks. Mancs don't know how to do summer, but we sure are prepared when it comes to Autumn. Kettle boiled, hood up, umbrella intact with a brave face for the cold, we may moan and complain but deep down well, I think we secretly love it. As the weather is now starting to transition, so is my wardrobe and this year it's all about faux fur and chunky boots. Spending one crisp Saturday in town, I decided to have a stroll down the canal and capture some shots of one of my favourite Autumnal outfits!

7 September 2015

Camping In The Countryside

Camping In The Countryside

Location: Edale, Derbyshire, Peak District

A year ago when me and Luke first started dating (awww) we started talking about going camping - an activity he loves and something I'd never really (apart from Leeds festival) done before. After travelling around Europe earlier this summer and to beat the post holiday blues, we decided to plan our next little adventure and sorted out camping in Edale, a cute little spot situated in the Derbyshire Peak District. I knew it would be full of open spaces, fresh air and friendly fluffy cows, so as you can imagine reader, I was pretty damn excited.

3 September 2015

Berlin: East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery, Berlin

Location: East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Located on Mühlenstraße, East Side Gallery is a symbol of freedom. An open art gallery and a place to gather thoughts, it's a great place to get inspired and take some seriously Pinterest worthy pictures! Prior to visiting Berlin, I told my boyfriend Luke that I wanted to visit the East Side Gallery and despite having been to Berlin before, he hadn't heard of it. I think it's a really great opportunity to spend some time looking at the fantastic art there, so I thought I'd throw together a blog post featuring just a few of my favourite snaps from the gallery.

25 August 2015

Burgers In Baskets: Home Sweet Home Manchester NQ

Location: Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

My favourite spot to hang in Manchester, call me cliche, but it is of course the Northern Quarter. With its little streets that feature an array of quirky shops and cafes that are unlike anywhere else in the city centre, and with loads of places to sip coffee, cocktails or catch up over lunch, you can be sure you'll find somewhere that sets itself apart from the standard branded coffee shops on Market Street. One place in particular that I'd had my eye on for a while was Home Sweet Home, a bright diner style milkshake cafe situated on Edge Street.

16 August 2015

The Coronation Street Tour

The Coronation Street Tour

Location: Coronation Street Set, Granada Studios, Manchester

I'm a northern girl from Stockport, Greater Manchester, and all my life the famous Coronation Street has been playing from my television, firstly in my family home, then in both my parent's houses as a teenager, and later on ITV Player when I had a hangover some time to chill out at university. When I first heard that The Coronation Street Tour would be ending this Christmas, I knew as the soap's number one fan I had to make it a priority to visit. Now, I met my boyfriend nearly a year ago this month, so as an anniversary surprise because he is such an amazing boyfriend, he surprised me with two tickets to the tour and actually wanted to come along with me! (God bless him).

11 August 2015

A Greek Paradise: Tingaki, Kos

Tingaki, Kos

Location: Tingaki, Kos Island, Greece

I was dreaming of turquoise water, orange skies and ice cold drinks in the sunshine and Tingaki, Kos made those dreams come true Since I was a little girl, I've enjoyed going away to Greece's many beautiful islands for everything from family holiday's and ten day's of pool loungin' to its more flamboyant party scene such as crazy nights out in Laganas, Zante. When I went to Kos for a week of sun and cocktails, I discovered the island has a balanced, beautiful mixture of both. I flew from Manchester airport and upon arrival, we hopped on a coach to take us to our hotel located in Tingaki. Tingaki is a quieter location on the island, however still offers an array of bars and restaurants down its strip which leads to the sandy beach at the bottom. It was time for Cosmopolitans - and to apply the suncream!

5 August 2015

Afternoon Tea & Lunchin': Teacup Kitchen Manchester NQ

Location: Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

One of my favourite places to head in Manchester, whether it be for coffee or cocktails, is the Northern Quarter. With its vibrant back streets filled with cafes, bars, thrift stores and shops you just can't get down on Market street, it is the ultimate place to hang on a rainy Manchester afternoon. Being one of those very familiar afternoons, me and my girl made use of our (much needed) day off work and headed to Teacup Kitchen for lunch, dessert, and of course what Teacup Kitchen specialises in: a good cuppa!

31 July 2015

Amsterdam To-Do List


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

 The great thing about Amsterdam is it is such a different and diverse city, as well as being extremely bold. Sex shops on every corner, the famous red light district and not to mention the drug culture may shock you, but Amsterdam is a place to broaden your mind and discover a culture completely different to our British brush everything under the carpet approach. As well as these naughty hot spots, Amsterdam also holds some amazing museums, monuments and artwork. Situated by the water and decorated by lopsided houses and vivid flowers, it's a feast for the eyes, mind and imagination. Amsterdam isn't just a trip but an experience, so here's what I got up to when I was there.

28 July 2015

The Best Store In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Duck Store

Location: Oude Leliestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Earlier this summer before I went to the Netherlands, I was extremely excited about arriving in Amsterdam as I've never been before. Before heading out there, I went a little bit crazy looking through loads of stuff on the internet, from browsing Pinterest to searching relevant hashtags. It was then that I came across a picture on my Instagram explore feed uploaded by somebody who was living out there, who had tagged themselves at the Amsterdam Duck Store. An entire shop dedicated to rubber ducks? I gave it a Google search and low and behold, I came across a website for the store!

21 July 2015

Paris: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Paris

Location: Notre Dame, Paris, France

If you haven't visited Notre Dame, I'm sure after reading this post there's a strong possibility it will be added to your travel bucket list. With construction starting in 1160, and renovations to preserve the building still being carried out to this day, it really is a grand a piece of architecture as it looks. With free entry, beautiful stained glass windows and plenty of information inside regarding the history of the building, you're foolish if you can't stomach the queue to get in. On a busy hot day in June, it took us no longer than 20 minutes and we passed the time taking photos of Notre Dame in all it's glory (as well as shamefully using a selfie stick). Situated by the River Seine, the sights you'll encounter are truly picturesque, plus you'll be super excited to watch Disney's classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame when you get back from your travels! (Trust me).

16 July 2015

With Love From Paris

Location: Sacré-Cœur, Paris, France

Before I went to Paris, I had all kinds of ideas about what I thought it might be like. Seeing the famous city depicted proudly in film after film as well as countless T.V shows, it was hard not to venture there with high expectations. As well as drinking good wine (and getting fat off all the cheese) the thing I was most excited about was seeing the sights I'd heard so much about. We were heading to Paris for nothing more than a long weekend, but I wanted to ensure I packed everything in, from wandering under the high ceilings of the Notre Dame to climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say, Paris met and in fact exceeded my expectations, and its a destination I fell in love with immediately, with its charming architecture and quaint atmosphere. We were lucky to be visiting in the height of Parisian summertime as the weather was good to us and everywhere glowed, as you'll see in my photo diary below!
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