31 July 2015

Amsterdam To-Do List


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

 The great thing about Amsterdam is it is such a different and diverse city, as well as being extremely bold. Sex shops on every corner, the famous red light district and not to mention the drug culture may shock you, but Amsterdam is a place to broaden your mind and discover a culture completely different to our British brush everything under the carpet approach. As well as these naughty hot spots, Amsterdam also holds some amazing museums, monuments and artwork. Situated by the water and decorated by lopsided houses and vivid flowers, it's a feast for the eyes, mind and imagination. Amsterdam isn't just a trip but an experience, so here's what I got up to when I was there.

28 July 2015

The Best Store In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Duck Store

Location: Oude Leliestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Earlier this summer before I went to the Netherlands, I was extremely excited about arriving in Amsterdam as I've never been before. Before heading out there, I went a little bit crazy looking through loads of stuff on the internet, from browsing Pinterest to searching relevant hashtags. It was then that I came across a picture on my Instagram explore feed uploaded by somebody who was living out there, who had tagged themselves at the Amsterdam Duck Store. An entire shop dedicated to rubber ducks? I gave it a Google search and low and behold, I came across a website for the store!

21 July 2015

Paris: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Paris

Location: Notre Dame, Paris, France

If you haven't visited Notre Dame, I'm sure after reading this post there's a strong possibility it will be added to your travel bucket list. With construction starting in 1160, and renovations to preserve the building still being carried out to this day, it really is a grand a piece of architecture as it looks. With free entry, beautiful stained glass windows and plenty of information inside regarding the history of the building, you're foolish if you can't stomach the queue to get in. On a busy hot day in June, it took us no longer than 20 minutes and we passed the time taking photos of Notre Dame in all it's glory (as well as shamefully using a selfie stick). Situated by the River Seine, the sights you'll encounter are truly picturesque, plus you'll be super excited to watch Disney's classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame when you get back from your travels! (Trust me).

16 July 2015

With Love From Paris

Location: Sacré-Cœur, Paris, France

Before I went to Paris, I had all kinds of ideas about what I thought it might be like. Seeing the famous city depicted proudly in film after film as well as countless T.V shows, it was hard not to venture there with high expectations. As well as drinking good wine (and getting fat off all the cheese) the thing I was most excited about was seeing the sights I'd heard so much about. We were heading to Paris for nothing more than a long weekend, but I wanted to ensure I packed everything in, from wandering under the high ceilings of the Notre Dame to climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say, Paris met and in fact exceeded my expectations, and its a destination I fell in love with immediately, with its charming architecture and quaint atmosphere. We were lucky to be visiting in the height of Parisian summertime as the weather was good to us and everywhere glowed, as you'll see in my photo diary below!
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