7 September 2015

Camping In The Countryside

Camping In The Countryside

Location: Edale, Derbyshire, Peak District

A year ago when me and Luke first started dating (awww) we started talking about going camping - an activity he loves and something I'd never really (apart from Leeds festival) done before. After travelling around Europe earlier this summer and to beat the post holiday blues, we decided to plan our next little adventure and sorted out camping in Edale, a cute little spot situated in the Derbyshire Peak District. I knew it would be full of open spaces, fresh air and friendly fluffy cows, so as you can imagine reader, I was pretty damn excited.

3 September 2015

Berlin: East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery, Berlin

Location: East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Located on Mühlenstraße, East Side Gallery is a symbol of freedom. An open art gallery and a place to gather thoughts, it's a great place to get inspired and take some seriously Pinterest worthy pictures! Prior to visiting Berlin, I told my boyfriend Luke that I wanted to visit the East Side Gallery and despite having been to Berlin before, he hadn't heard of it. I think it's a really great opportunity to spend some time looking at the fantastic art there, so I thought I'd throw together a blog post featuring just a few of my favourite snaps from the gallery.
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