21 October 2015

A Northern Soul

Location: The Ha├žienda, Oldham Canal, Manchester 

Autumn in the city is something I adore and look forward to all year. The hustle and bustle doesn't feel so strained or difficult, and there's a faint sense of excitement in the air knowing that Christmas and all its festivities such as the German markets, lights and Arndale grotto will be arriving in just a matter of weeks. Mancs don't know how to do summer, but we sure are prepared when it comes to Autumn. Kettle boiled, hood up, umbrella intact with a brave face for the cold, we may moan and complain but deep down well, I think we secretly love it. As the weather is now starting to transition, so is my wardrobe and this year it's all about faux fur and chunky boots. Spending one crisp Saturday in town, I decided to have a stroll down the canal and capture some shots of one of my favourite Autumnal outfits!
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