21 December 2016

Goals For 2017

Lyme Park, Cheshire

Location: Lyme Park, Stockport, Cheshire

It feels so good to be writing '2017' as this year has been such a crazy one for me, full of ups and downs. Now however, I'm looking forward to the future and the 'fresh start' that accompanies a brand new year. I'm well aware that New Year's Day isn't exactly going to wipe the metaphorical slate of my life clean - and I wouldn't want it to. Everything I've done, particularly in this past year has made me stronger, better and tougher. I'm ready to embrace change and look to new horizons, so with a cup of tea in hand, I thought it was time to reflect and share my goals for the brand new year ahead...

18 December 2016

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

DIY Gift Wrapping

One of my favourite things about the festive season certainly has to be the opportunity to fill up those cold Winter evenings with a bit of Christmas DIY. This year, instead of purchasing ready-made wrapping paper, I've decided to decorate my own using potatoes, pasta, and paint (hear me out). It does sound pretty Blue Peter up in here, but my aim was pretty wrapped gifts that show I put a bit of effort in. I love as well that authentic handmade feel to Christmas, with sewed tree decorations and baked gingerbread biscuits, there can be something wonderful about the simplicity of this time of year.

12 December 2016

Lightwaves At Salford Quays

Today I Love You

Location: The Quays, Salford Quays, Salford

Sitting on the edge of the city, The Quays is one of my favourite destinations in Manchester. Filled with shops, restaurants and sights to sink your teeth into, it's a shopper's paradise where the waterfront is in the forefront, making it a unique place to spend an afternoon or evening. This year, the much loved digital art show, Lightwaves has returned, to bring colour and energy to Salford. If you haven't heard of it before, it's an array of pretty light sculptures dotted around Media City on The Quays. It's a great place particularly in the run up to Christmas to visit with a camera and enjoy the colours sparkling on the water. Fancying a cute lil' stroll somewhere on a Sunday evening, my mum and I headed over for food and a wander amongst the lights.

1 December 2016

Christmas Is Coming!

Manchester Christmas Market

Location: German Christmas Market, St. Anne's Square, Manchester

Happy 1st December! It is time to get excited, because Santa is getting ready! I can't believe how quickly November has passed, I wanted to get a little more done but I've found it hard to cram everything in, which is strange because it usually seems to me like a long month. I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping though, I just need to grab a few more bits, and I've got some cute little plans for gift wrapping which I hope to share on the blog this month! Usually, I'm a total Scrooge and don't really get excited for Christmas until December, but this year I've been so hyped and I've even got my Christmas jumper washed, ironed and ready to go.

28 November 2016

Autumn Walks At Bramall Hall

Bramall Hall

Location: Bramall Hall, Bramhall, Cheshire

Bramall Hall is a Tudor Manor house situated in Stockport, Cheshire. Not too far from where I live, I have fond memories of visiting this incredible building as a kid; during the summer to play and eat ice cream and in the winter; when Santa Claus would usually make an appearance. Thanks to a £1.6 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Hall has been restored and is at its finest, with rooms opened up that were once not allowed to be seen by the public. Wanting to spend my Sunday enjoying an autumnal walk, my mum and I headed to Bramall park to enjoy the leafy scenery and see the improved hall as it gets prepared for Christmas!

20 November 2016

My Favourite Christmas Memories

Berry Trifle Yankee Candle

Christmas lies just five weeks away and so amongst the Christmas shopping and stocking up on treats for December, it's time to start preparing my home for the most wonderful time of the year! Debenhams contacted me asking if I'd light some of their Christmas scented Yankee Candles and share with my readers some of my favourite Christmas memories. From sitting by the fire, to running around in the snow, I've had some magical Decembers, so I thought I'd get my Christmas songs playing, put on some Christmas movies and reminisce about what makes this time of year so special to me.

11 November 2016

Year of the Fear

Location: Lake Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria

I've never been a person that wanted to live within my 'comfort zone'. I enjoy feeling exhilarated, and whilst others may fear change, for me, it's an inevitable factor of life that makes it all the more exciting. That being said, my impulsive nature and often hyperactive behaviour actually pushed me into the last place I ever expected to be: a place where I felt scared. Leaving my teenage years, a stark realisation overcame me that I had to start actually growing up. Life suddenly started to seem bolder and more visceral, as though a bright light had suddenly been switched on, and it became difficult to figure out what I should be doing or feeling anymore. In an attempt to get over my fears, I took it upon myself to once and for all seize the day - and seize the space that lay away from my comfort zone. It was with this pledge that 2016 transformed into my 'Year of the Fear'. 

3 November 2016

Highlights of Autumn

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

Hello, readers, and happy November! I think basically every November since I was about ten I've stated "I can't believe how fast the year has gone!" in absolute disbelief, but really, where the hell has 2016 gone? Now, I must tell you, this year has been a complete mess for me - I've felt all over the show. Not emotionally, but just with finding a general direction of where my life is going. However, I do feel as though I'm getting somewhat on track for 2017 and that the anxiety of the year is beginning to slide away now that Christmas is on the horizon.

29 October 2016

#OasisExhibition Manchester


Location: Old Granada Studios, Quay Street, Manchester

Being from Greater Manchester, it may not come as a big surprise to know that I am a huge Oasis fan. When they soared to fame in the 90's, I was growing up hearing their songs on the radio in the car every Saturday. Then, as a teenager when I began to attend house parties, you could always guarantee someone would stick on Wonderwall and everyone would drunkenly embrace, shouting the lyrics down your ear towards the end of the night. Oasis have shaped a generation and even the behaviour of a city, so I was pretty excited and intrigued as I headed down to Old Granada Studios to check out photography and videos plus memorabilia of the infamous rock band that formed a huge part of my adolescence.

24 October 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

CAT Footwear

Location: Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington, England

It's just one week to go until the spookiest occasion of the year arrives, so in preparation yesterday I headed over to Kenyon Hall Farm to visit their pumpkin patch! Based in Warrington, the farm was pretty hard to get to and I and my boyfriend resorted to climbing over gates and cutting through fields to get there, but once we arrived it was well worth the epic journey. The farm has a pumpkin patch where you can pick your own, a tent with loads of pre-picked pumpkins to choose from as well as a maze to wander around and get lost in. Choosing your own pumpkin fresh from the patch and carving it yourself is definitely the ultimate autumnal activity in the run-up to Halloween, and wrapped up wearing my fluffy coat and boots I loved embracing the excitement of being at the farm!

23 October 2016

Three Things Before 2016 Ends

Farm Land Warrington

Location: Culcheth, Warrington, England

My favourite time of year has finally rolled around, and with melty hot chocolates, blankets and TV shows and weekend visits to farms and festivals, I am in the full swing of Autumn! After jetting off to Ghana back in January, and arriving home as Spring begun, I've actually been craving cold weather and the chance to wrap up with a scarf and mittens. This year has been a strange year for me, I've felt unusually overwhelmed about turning twenty-three and posed the question "what am I actually doing with my life" far more times than I care to admit. It's taken a lot of months of hard work and hard thinking to figure out what it is exactly that I do want and how to put my plans into action. Although I'll admit, I'm quite excited for 2016 to just be done and dusted, there're three things to keep me going.

19 September 2016

Life's A Beach: A Day At Formby

Location: Formby Beach, Liverpool, Merseyside

When the end of summer finally arrives, I always like to try and get away somewhere whilst the temperature outside is still bearable. I'm not overly upset about summer drawing to a close as Autumn is my favourite season, plus spending the first quarter of the year in West Africa means I'm more than ready for fluffy faux-fur coats and PSL goodness. However, it was great to get the chance to feel the soft sand in between my toes and enjoy the last of the blazing sunshine. Formby Beach is one of my favourite places in the North West, and somewhere well worth visiting whatever the weather if you find yourself looking for a little adventure up north.

28 August 2016

Afternoon Tea With Country Attire

Location: Country Attire's 10 Year Anniversary, Proper Tea, Manchester Cathedral

It was a typical wet and windy British afternoon in Manchester, as I headed over to celebrate ten years of Country Attire at their blogger and press event. Guests were invited to Proper Tea Rooms, a quaint little tea room from the Teacup group, known in Manchester for their quirky vision of how to truly enjoy lunch and a proper cup of tea. On arrival, I was greeted with a glass of prosecco and a very intriguing gold envelope, sealed with Country Attire's logo which was not to be opened until later. Taking my seat, and with a few words from the brand, it was time for the tea party to begin!

21 August 2016

Cocktail Party With MyBag

Location: The Alchemist, New York Street, Manchester

On Thursday evening, I attended MyBag.com's #MyBagMostWanted cocktail party at The Alchemist, a perfect venue for the evening which is known for its modern interiors and skills in mixology. Greeted on arrival with a fresh and fruity peaches & cream cocktail, accompanied with a mini beaker of prosecco, I got stuck in straight away with viewing the fantastic designer handbags over canapes and cocktails!

10 August 2016

Saturday Brunchin': The Pen & Pencil Manchester NQ

Location: The Pen & Pencil, Hilton Street, Manchester

If you're an avid follower of my Instagram or of course this blog, you'll know that one of my favourite spots to hang in my beloved city of Manchester is, of course, the Northern Quarter. Last Saturday I was invited to go down to The Pen & Pencil, a bar that in their own words serve 'Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails' and 'Good Times', to try out their brunch menu. Situated on the corner of Hilton street, The Pen & Pencil sits in the vibrant Northern Quarter, making it the perfect spot to head to on a Saturday afternoon in the city.

15 July 2016

Manchester Loves Cocktails

MCR Loves Cocktails

Location: El Gato Negro Tapas, King Street, Manchester

Last night I hit the press preview for Manchester's first cocktail festival, Manchester Loves Cocktails, to hear from founder Nick Fox about his vision: to drink better, not more. Against the backdrop of the city's dusty blue evening sky, the preview was hosted at the beautiful El Gato Negro Tapas in their rooftop bar. Guests were welcomed to a menu of three specially catered cocktails for the event as the barmen put on a show. So, with the festival kicking off this August, find out everything you need to know about a week long of partying, masterclasses and of course, cocktails.

31 May 2016

Attempting To Adult

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

In the past ten months since I started my little corner on the internet, I have shared a lot about my life in terms of the destinations I've visited and some of the experiences I've had, but I've not really opened up about ME. Now I wanna share with you what the heck I am doing with my life, in an attempt to figure it out, and let you know that if like me you're a bit shit at this whole 'adult' thing, you're not alone.

8 May 2016

How Volunteering Changed My Life

Location: Bolgatanga, Upper Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa

In May 2013 I came home from university unemployed for the summer. I'd just turned 20 and once my birthday was out of the way, I didn't have any money to go clubbing, which made me extremely sad and bored. Instead of sitting around, I saw that my local charity shop was looking for volunteers to give up an afternoon each week, so I decided to apply. Now I can't go and sugar coat it: it was mind numbingly dull. I did shifts between two of the charity's shops as they were both on the same road, one sold books and the other clothes and bric-a-brac. All I did was stock and sit on the till, however, I don't regret doing it as I made some mates and it filled in a section on my CV. You'll be glad to know reader that during working at the charity shops, unpaid, I did find a job as a waitress and barmaid at my local pub. However, our story doesn't end there...

11 April 2016

Ghana: The Big Tidy Up

Location: Bolgatanga, Upper Eastern region of Ghana with Cleap Mop Company

Whilst I was out in Ghana, I noticed a very big problem from day one, that being: litter. There's a few issues with littering in Ghana, being a developing country there's bigger fish to fry than picking up litter, as well as the fact that many are not educated on the long term effects and the risks that litter brings. One night there was a huge fire outside of my home and I asked my Ghanaian family what was going on. 'Well it's rubbish day, they're burning all the rubbish to get rid of it'. In Ghana, it doesn't really seem to be common knowledge that burning waste is really bad. Bad for the environment, bad for our lungs. So feeling like this issue was one that needed to be addressed, myself and the rest of the team that I was working with out there decided to dedicate a little bit of time to running our own litter campaign.

5 April 2016

Seven Frank Truths About Living In A Developing Country

Seven Frank Truths About Living In A Developing Country

Location: Bolgatanga, Upper Eastern Region, Ghana

From bucket showers to rice balls, living in rural Ghana was a major test to see how well I could adapt taken out of my pampered, princessy life back in Manchester. Signing up to work or volunteer in a developing country is a major step and something that I believe changes you and gives you a new set of eyes on the world. If you're thinking of doing it, there's a million reasons to do it which outweigh the few things that you're scared about. So without further a-do, here's a couple of truths about what to expect...

22 March 2016

That Time We Slept In A Forest In Berlin

Grunewald Forest, Berlin

Location: Grunewald Forest, Berlin, Germany 

When Luke and I were searching for a hostel in Berlin (okay, just Luke, I was lay around painting my nails or something), it turned out there was some massive super-important football match going on in the city - which meant? No room at the Inn. Any Inn. Anyway, not giving up hope, Luke started to search further afield and found this little 'eco lodge' called Jetpak, situated on the outskirts of the city in Grunewald forest. A cute cabin in the woods? It sounded ideal (plus it was cheap and we had no choice).

9 March 2016

Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Location: Women With Disabilities Craft Group, Bolgatanga, Ghana

As March reigns as the month dedicated to women, working out here in Ghana, our team decided to mark International Women's Day with one of the craft groups that we've been working with. The craft group is for women with disabilities, and their craft is dying material to be made into clothes such as dresses, shirts and kimonos. Our aim is to make their business profitable as well as to broaden their skills, and it's been lovely getting to know the women that live and work here in Bolgatanga! They are all super friendly, so we were delighted to be able to share the day with them.

1 January 2016

Adventures Of 2015

Adventures of 2015

Happy New Year! If you recently posted your #2015BestNine to Instagram, which displays your top nine photographs based on the number of likes, then like me you may be feeling a little nostalgic. Instead of sharing my best nine from my account back in 2015, I thought I'd start the year by showing you my Best Nine adventures from 2015... as seen on Instagram. 
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