31 May 2016

Attempting To Adult

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

In the past ten months since I started my little corner on the internet, I have shared a lot about my life in terms of the destinations I've visited and some of the experiences I've had, but I've not really opened up about ME. Now I wanna share with you what the heck I am doing with my life, in an attempt to figure it out, and let you know that if like me you're a bit shit at this whole 'adult' thing, you're not alone.

8 May 2016

How Volunteering Changed My Life

Location: Bolgatanga, Upper Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa

In May 2013 I came home from university unemployed for the summer. I'd just turned 20 and once my birthday was out of the way, I didn't have any money to go clubbing, which made me extremely sad and bored. Instead of sitting around, I saw that my local charity shop was looking for volunteers to give up an afternoon each week, so I decided to apply. Now I can't go and sugar coat it: it was mind numbingly dull. I did shifts between two of the charity's shops as they were both on the same road, one sold books and the other clothes and bric-a-brac. All I did was stock and sit on the till, however, I don't regret doing it as I made some mates and it filled in a section on my CV. You'll be glad to know reader that during working at the charity shops, unpaid, I did find a job as a waitress and barmaid at my local pub. However, our story doesn't end there...
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