11 November 2017

Winter Glam: Technic Cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics

Back in summer, my blogger friend Emma from Earth to Emma and I won an amazing competition on Twitter held by Technic Cosmetics for #NationalBestFriendsDay. We won £50 worth of Technic Cosmetic's makeup EACH! I was so excited when we won, and when the makeup arrived it looked absolutely dreamy - however, I had never even tried Technic before! So, over the past few months I've been adding their products into my makeup routines and today I'm here to give you an honest review of the brand.

26 October 2017

Hallelujah: It's Half Term!

Blackpool Pier

Location: Promenade, Blackpool, Lancashire

I'm sitting here in the middle of a weekday, still wearing pajamas, recovering from my very first half term as an unqualified English teacher. After 5 weeks training, then 3 weeks to take it all in (rocking back and fourth for most of it wondering if I'd made the right decision), I packed my bags to move to Blackpool for a new job at a secondary school. Here I've put my resilience, English degree, and very minimal experience (8 days team teaching, I nervously cackle as I slap the table) to the test, and boy have I been tested. It's not just lesson planning, marking and behaviour management that is challenging, and after working hard in retail, it's not the early mornings or the late evenings. It's signing up for something because you want to make a difference, and the frustration when you don't think you are. It's the trying to help a kid through their school work, but realising they've got a million other problems and fearing that you, their teacher, might just become another one. In six and a half weeks I've seen just how hard it is to be a teacher, because to be a teacher, a really good one, you have to care way more than you thought you even could.

10 September 2017

10 Reasons I Can't Bloody Wait For Autumn

10 Reasons I Can't Bloody Wait For Autumn

Location: River Mersey, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

Bright and burning colours, cosy evenings in and spooky celebrations: for many of us Autumn is a dreamy season of the year. I've loved summer this year and I've truly felt like I made the most of it, but now I'm ready for all the awesome things that autumn brings. As it lies just around the corner, I thought I'd blog my list of things I'm looking forward to in the hope that you might find a little inspiration, and a little bit of excitement for the season too.

26 August 2017

Reflecting On My 2017 Goals

My Updated Goals For 2017

Location: Hilton Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Oh heyyy, I'm back again. I've been blogging way more than usual lately, is this a demonstration of my incredible organisational skills or just a sign that I'm lacking a social life? You decide. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember all the way back in December I wrote a post called Goals For 2017. I didn't have many but there were a few big ones in there, so I thought as we're way over half way through the year now (I cry) I'd go back and revisit them to see if I've achieved any of them yet. I also wanted to see if there was any I didn't achieve if I had any hope in hell of feeling accomplished by the time this December rolls round, or if I needed to set myself some more, realistic targets.

22 August 2017

Little Happy Things

Little Happy Things

Location: King Street Festival, King Street, Manchester

It's summer (apparently) and as always there's lots to be grateful for - although not the weather, that's for sure. I am missing those balmier days where an ice cream van would park up on every corner, the photo above wasn't taken too long ago yet feels like a distant memory. Let's focus on the positives however as that is what this post is about. Right now, I'm not really doing a lot as I don't start my new job until September so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy, living the life. However, I thought I would share with you a few little things that have made my day lately and maybe even turn this type of post into a regular thing. 

18 August 2017

The One With The Festival

Friends Fest

Location: Friends Fest, Heaton Park, Manchester

When my boyfriend Luke and I met (guy pictured above for any new readers out there πŸ˜‰) one of the questions he asked me (I think it was a deal breaker) was, "Do you like Friends?". I paused for a moment and then responded something along the lines of "obviously, who doesn't like Friends?". Since then however, I've come to realise that not everybody does enjoy or has even watched the TV show (crazy people), and me and my boyfriend are somewhat a little bit obsessed. So, rewind back to 2016 and you can imagine our ANGUISH dear reader when we didn't manage to get our hands on last summer's Friends Fest tickets. I mean *Janice voice* oh my God an entire festival dedicated to the show... and we didn't have tickets. But do not despair! As this year, we did...😏

16 August 2017

Why I Started Blogging And Why I'm Not Gonna Quit

Why I Started Blogging

Location: The Haçienda, Oldham Canal, Manchester

Ooh edgy photo of me being mysterious and looking into the distance (at nothing), do you love it? I'm so glad, because it was actually taken back in October of 2015 when I was just a few months into the launch of this blog: The Sweet Seven Five, although that wasn't where my blogging journey started. I actually started blogging back in the depths of despair Winter 2013, as a sort of hobby between trying to complete my degree and crying about my degree. I've always loved writing (hence why I studied English) and one of my tutors suggested that we have a crack at starting a blog. My first blog was horrendous, it was called 'Blog Crush' and it was pink and white on a background of cartoon cupcakes, sort of resembling a Bebo skin. Then in 2014 I moved on to curate 'Twenty One Press' as I was on the verge of turning twenty-one (clever). That was slightly better, and I blogged about absolutely everything from surviving my third year of university and my horrific love life to the latest Lush products and my passion for volunteering. I did love that blog, but I was truly a beginner with random content and grainy photographs, posting sporadically with whatever word vomit came to me.

11 August 2017

Five Ways To Increase Your Positivity

Five Ways To Increase Your Positivity

Location: Nottingham Castle, Lenton Road, Nottingham

Glass half full. That is the kind of person I strive to be: positive; optimistic; and when things go wrong; resilient. However, let's get real for a second, life is not (to my unfortunate realisation and dismay) a Disney movie, and when things aren't going how you planned or life throws a disastrous catastrophe out of nowhere, it can be really hard to smile and tell yourself 'I'll be okay' because well, how do you know that? Right? However, over the years I've learnt that life stops for nobody and everybody around you is dealing with their own personal battles, whether you're aware of it or not. You can't always rely on others for support or empathy, so instead of feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for somebody to come and rescue you, sometimes you have to just grit your teeth and fight. Now, yes I know I'm not exactly Wonder Woman in my own superhero movie (one can dream) but sometimes for reasons beyond my own control, life can suck a little bit. However, I have adopted a few simple ways that are helping me to lead what I consider, in the grand scheme of things, 'a happy life'. 


30 July 2017

Cocktails & Clothes With LOTD

Cocktails & Clothes With LOTD

Location: Rosso Restaurant, Spring Gardens, Manchester

Cocktails and clothes. When describing my favourite things, these definitely make it to the top of the list, and so an evening of drinks and browsing was just what I needed last Thursday in the midst of my postgrad. After a long day of university, I pulled out my lipstick and headed off to Rosso Restaurant, located in the opulent area of Spring Gardens, Manchester. When I arrived, I was greeted with the cutest of champagne flutes decorated with a pastel rose, and an array of clothing from Look Of The Day, a shiny new fashion brand for us all to seek our acrylic claws into. LOTD has been all over Twitter at the moment in the wake of their launch, and you may have spotted their GRL PWR tee making waves with bloggers and fashion lovers alike, so I was super excited to get involved and check out all of the pieces!

24 July 2017

One Crazy July

King Street Festival Manchester

Location: King Street Festival, King Street, Manchester

I'm back! Last time I made one of these journal style posts it was to tell you I had just turned twenty-four - something that seems like ages ago now! Since then, you may have been following along with my Postcards From Palma series on here or over on my Instagram, where I documented my amazing mini break to the beautiful city of Palma, Majorca. But what have I been up to since then? Well, you may recall from last time that as well as embarking on a new age, I was also embarking on a new chapter of my life, and more specifically, a new career.

23 July 2017

Postcards From Palma: Day Three

Palm Trees

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

Hello readers, I've finally returned to my little corner of the internet and I bring with me my third and final instalment of my recent trip to Palma! If you missed the last one or just want to refresh your memory, you can revisit it here. It has taken me a while to publish this as I've been a busy bee starting my post grad, but the third day of the trip was by far my favourite (although I did absolutely love the Friday when we cycled to the beach underneath an array of dreamy palm trees). We had decided to book a little activity to make the most of our last full day in Palma, as well as to explore outside of the city - and it proved successful, as it became the most memorable day of the city break.

29 June 2017

Postcards From Palma: Day Two

Postcards From Palma

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

I'm back! This time I'm bringing you my second instalment of my city break to Palma, Majorca (which in the Manchester haze of grey, cloud and rain right now seems like so long ago! πŸ˜”). If you're new here or didn't read the last post, you can catch it here. On the second day of the trip, after a much needed rest, we decided we'd make the most of the day and rent bikes! Before heading to Majorca, I did a little research and according to many tourist sites, cycling is one of the top activities to try in the capital. So when in Palma - it was time to get our cycle on! To rent a city bike for the day, the starting price is ten euros and there are quite a few shops to rent from which you can bring up with a quick Google. I'd been talking about how excited I was to rent bikes for ages, but when it came down to it, I was actually scared πŸ˜‚. I hadn't ridden a bike for about ten years and I know they say you never forget, but for the first few seconds, I genuinely thought I had forgotten! Luckily, after meandering through a few little streets (and narrowly avoiding pedestrians) it had all come back to me - just get me signed up for Tour de France!

20 June 2017

Postcards From Palma: Day One

Postcards From Palma

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

Yes that is Nutella flavoured ice cream pictured above (no ragrets). Beach body well and truly ruined but ah, what the heck. Summer is in full swing and I'm in pretty good spirits because I'm fresh off the plane from Palma! Palma is the beautiful capital city of Majorca, Spain, located on the Balearic islands. Offering sunshine, scenic views and catering to pretty much all holiday desires - whether it's adventure in the form of cycling or paragliding, or simple luxuries such as shopping and sunbathing - there seems to be something for everyone. It was a little bit of a last minute thing, and a treat before I go off to start my big grown up job as an English teacher (yikes) and move away to work for an incredible charity. These are things I'm super excited about but I acknowledge the fact that it's going to be a lot of work, so a few days of cocktails and patatas bravas seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered. To give you an idea of what you can get up to in Palma and how much I actually crammed into my short trip, I've decided to split my travel diaries into three posts. So, without further ado, here is the first instalment!

7 June 2017

New Beginnings

Chorlton Water Park

Location: River Mersey, Chorlton Water Park, Manchester

Hello readers! I am back again with a cheeky little life update and this time well, it's a big one. The first thing I can say is that I am now twenty-four years of age (yikes), as of 21st May! I did plan on posting a little 'hey guys it was my birthday' before June rolled in, but with the terrible events of May 22nd which happened here in Manchester, I understandably wasn't in a very chatty-blog-post-place at the time. I did think however it was time to fill you guys in with what I've been up to, as I've definitely had a little break from the blog in the past few months, just because I've been a little more busy and basically I've been living at work.

6 June 2017

How To Shine & Sparkle This Summer

Get Your Glow On

As soon as summer arrives (despite the fact it's currently raining outside as I write this - classic) I always like to update my wardrobe and my makeup collection. With the next few months set to be full of events such as festivals and parties, it's no wonder that highlighters, glow kits and sequins are fittingly bang on trend right now. For my 24th birthday, which happened just a couple of weeks ago, I received some gorgeous little goodies for my makeup bag and beauty regime - including unicorn makeup brushes! So I've got together my favourites which will help to give you a little shine this season (including those magical brushes I just mentioned) that will ensure you show up to glow up without breaking the bank.

5 June 2017

Hometown Glory 🐝


Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester, England

Last week I left my job as a barista where I'd met and worked with some really awesome and genuine people in a coffee shop placed in the bustling centre of town. I've left for a new career and a new chapter of my life, and I'd planned on putting together a photo diary of Manchester to express the fact that one door of my life is closing and another is opening - I couldn't have imagined that the city was about to change forever. Manchester is not only a beautiful place, but somewhere I am proud to call home, and if you've followed my blog for a while, you would have gotten the idea by now that I'm pretty proud to be here.

11 April 2017

Learning To Love Yourself

Positive Vibes & Self Love

Location: River Mersey, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

Self-love. If you'd have met me for the first time as a teenager, I would have forgiven you if you didn't take to me straight away. I've always been loud, confident and more noticeably, seemingly extremely comfortable in my own skin - and I've felt like this might not have always been exactly praised. However the truth is, as a teenager, I was deeply insecure about my looks and my body. Whenever I felt good about my figure, I'd hear a skinny-shaming comment along the lines of being 'all bones' and 'needing' to put on weight. When I really went for it with my makeup, I heard I was trying too hard, but when I didn't bother I felt that I looked tired or just not well-presented - as though I wasn't trying enough. This is in addition to the million and one hang ups including 'I hate my skin', 'I hate my hair', 'I wish I was taller'... *cut to the Mean Girls scene where Regina, Gretchen & Karen stand in front of the mirror reeling off things they wish they could change about their bodies.

28 March 2017

Peachy Keen: My Favourite Too Faced Palette

Now Spring has arrived and the weather is slowly (but surely) warming up, I've began fake tanning and switching up my makeup routine. Just like any 'girlie-girl', I tend to get a little bit obsessed with makeup and the newest trends, and we all know that everyone is still going crazy for the highlighting hype of 2016. When I ran out of my NYX Illuminator recently, I started searching for a new highlighter and spotting this nifty little glow kit from Too Faced, I knew I had to give it a go. Including a bronzer, blusher, as well as a gorgeous golden illuminator, Sweet Peach Glow Kit from Too Faced smells beautiful and gives your skin a subtle yet blooming radiance.

2 March 2017

Why I Need 'Me-Time'

Albert Dock, Liverpool

Location: Albert Dock, The Colonnades, Liverpool

Everyone seems to agree that 2016 was a bad year. Every week the news just seemed to get more and more depressing, and I met so many people who were stuck in a 'I'm in my twenties and have no idea what I'm doing with my life' rut - myself included. By the festive period, I was ready to let off all of the built up anxiety through means of aggressively pulling crackers, gorging on cheese boards and leisurely drinking prosecco alongside dinner. That high life couldn't last forever though, and as 2017 arrived I began to look ahead, even cheesily setting myself some New Year's Resolutions.  I guess the great turn around was actually getting a job. Last year after volunteering abroad, I didn't expect the job hunt to be so tiring and relentless, and with the world feeling like it was going to end (Brexit, celeb death toll rising alarmingly, Donald Trump etcetera) I felt as though I was walking around in dystopian fiction, far from the playground I'd felt just a year earlier in my secure and fun sales assistant role with no plans or cares, except a vague schedule to go travelling between working and saving. But it was time for real stuff, the real world. Choose life and all that. Be an adult. And so, it was time to move on.

22 February 2017

Sharing My Style

Sharing My Style

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Didsbury, Manchester

I'm the type of girl that will endlessly browse online retail websites for hours, saving various items into my basket, and never checking out. I try on clothes for fun when I go shopping, and probably spend far too much money on outfits I don't need - I'm on the brink of buying a second wardrobe! I'm not even somebody you would describe as a 'hoarder', I just love fashion and experimenting with new styles, as well as trying to reflect a little personality into my own. Naturally then, you would expect to see a lot of fashion posts on here, but sometimes I just lack the confidence to incorporate it into my blog. However, having dipped my toe into fashion blogging in the past, I'm back to share more of my outfits with you and show off my style.

20 February 2017

Discovering Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Location: Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island Berlin, Germany

Berlin. Before visiting, this was a city who's name I'd heard crop up in conversations about travel destinations many times, but I wasn't exactly sure why. I'd heard that Germany was a fantastic place to visit for many reasons; its quirks, its history, its fantastically cheap beer, but aside from being the capital, what was so great about Berlin? After a few days soaking up the sun and enjoying as many Beer steins as we could stomach in Amsterdam, a seven hour train journey with my boyfriend would lead me to finding out. We had struggled beforehand to find any accommodation within the city centre, due to a huge football match occurring on the upcoming weekend (bloody football). Fortunately, we managed to find a charming, albeit spider-invested, lodge situated just outside the centre in Grunewald Forest (although that's another story, which you can read all about here) and so after waking in a sunshine filled room surrounded by green trees, we hopped on the bus to explore.

30 January 2017

Date Night: The Printworks Manchester

Date Night At The Printworks Manchester

Location: The Printworks, Withy Grove, Manchester 

Date night. Sometimes it can be a real nightmare agreeing where to go, what to do, and most importantly - what to eat! With Valentines Day just around the corner, it's time to start contemplating where you can spend the evening with your partner - or just that person you're trying to impress, as food can be a REALLY BIG DEAL. Plus, sometimes co-op flowers or a box of chocolates just won't cut it, so it's important to make it a night to remember. For my beloved Manchester readers, you'll know that in the heart of Manchester's bustling city centre lies The Printworks, but if you aren't from here, The Printworks is a place packed with an array of restaurants and attractions - making it the ultimate spot for a date. Plus, with so much choice, you're sure to find something you can both agree on... even if one of you is a little bit picky.

18 January 2017

Ghana: A Trip To Tongo Hills

Tongo Hills

Location: Tongo Hills, Bolgatanga, Ghana

When I was over in Ghana, I was working and living in a small town called Bolgatanga (otherwise known as 'Bolga'). To one side in the distance straight down the main road, you could notice the silhouettes of huge hills. One Sunday, our little work family decided we were going to take a trip to see what was up there, and so we got our driver - a local who knows Bolga like the back of his hand, to take us. Tongo is a town situated on these hills, and the place is filled with rocks and caves to wander around, as well as being known for the Tengzug Shrine. The Tengzug Shrine is one of the most famous in the region, and is used for religious animal sacrifices. When you get to Tongo you'll be greeted by a tour guide who takes you not only around the town, but up to the shrine - although be warned if you want to go inside the shrine you must be topless (that includes the girls!).

10 January 2017

Ghana: Paga's Crocodile Pond

Paga's Crocodile Pond

Location: Zenga Crocodile Pond, Paga, Ghana

Whilst living and working in the northern region of Ghana, I was staying in a large and vibrant town called Bolgatanga. Animals I'd see on a daily basis included goats, guineafowl, pigs and dogs - and it's not uncommon to have your car stopped by a herd of geese crossing the road either. A short drive from Bolga however lies a little village called Paga, home to Zenga Crocodile Pond or 'The Chief's Pond', famous for being a place where humans and crocodiles live in harmony. Here, a crocodile has never reportedly killed anybody, and the crocodiles are seen as sacred and never hurt or killed by the people that live there. Hearing about this place, I was pretty curious to visit the reptiles myself, and so one quiet Sunday we jumped into the Tro Tro and headed on over to see if the stories we'd heard were true.

8 January 2017

Andy Warhol At Whitworth Art Gallery

Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol

Location: Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester

It was a dreary, rainy, January afternoon, so naturally I decided to spend some time getting cultured AF at my local art gallery: The Whitworth. Just a couple of weeks after the world reeled in horror at Donald Trump being elected in as President, Warhol's dystopian view of capitalism and the falling 'American Dream' arrived in Manchester in the form of a small exhibition called Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol. After being shot and pronounced dead in 1968, Warhol was taken to hospital where he was given an open heart massage and miraculously - came back to life. It's no wonder then that he would go on to spend the rest of his life up until his death in 1987 exploring images such as that of the electric chair, and even self-portraits which would depict self-strangulation. Maybe it does all sound a bit grim, but entering the exhibition with an open mind, I found it incredibly interesting to explore Warhol's image of the world post his near encounter with death.

4 January 2017

The Beauty Products I Got For Christmas

Christmas Beauty

Hi guys! It feels like so long since I shared a beauty post on here, but if you know anything about me, you should know that I am beauty and cosmetic obsessed. From bath bombs to body lotions, fake tan to body shimmers, I don't even understand where I keep it all, but the good news is every Christmas I know my stash will be restocked once more. This year, my loved ones were rather generous and I received everything from an electric toothbrush to a cleansing face brush (my skin feels like I've just been born) and enough shower gel and bath goodies to last me until Christmas 2017. So feeling a bit of inspiration for my blog coming on, I've decided to share with you just a few of what I got including my favourite gift sets, oh and of course - some Lush stuff has been thrown in there for good measure!

3 January 2017

Ghana: One Year On

Bolgatanga, Ghana

Location: Bolgatanga, Ghana, West Africa

This month officially marks one year since I started my relentless journey to the North of Ghana. At the beginning of 2016, after fundraising over £800 for a charity called International Service, I went with a group of volunteers to work in the upper eastern region of the country for a period of three months. It was one of the craziest things I've ever decided to do and one of the most challenging experiences I've ever faced, but it opened my mind to a completely different culture and way of life, gave me friends and thickened my skin. So now, reflecting on that life changing adventure, I wanted to share my thoughts one year on from boarding the plane at Heathrow airport and venturing, into the unknown...
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