22 February 2017

Sharing My Style

Sharing My Style

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Didsbury, Manchester

I'm the type of girl that will endlessly browse online retail websites for hours, saving various items into my basket, and never checking out. I try on clothes for fun when I go shopping, and probably spend far too much money on outfits I don't need - I'm on the brink of buying a second wardrobe! I'm not even somebody you would describe as a 'hoarder', I just love fashion and experimenting with new styles, as well as trying to reflect a little personality into my own. Naturally then, you would expect to see a lot of fashion posts on here, but sometimes I just lack the confidence to incorporate it into my blog. However, having dipped my toe into fashion blogging in the past, I'm back to share more of my outfits with you and show off my style.

20 February 2017

Discovering Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Location: Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island Berlin, Germany

Berlin. Before visiting, this was a city who's name I'd heard crop up in conversations about travel destinations many times, but I wasn't exactly sure why. I'd heard that Germany was a fantastic place to visit for many reasons; its quirks, its history, its fantastically cheap beer, but aside from being the capital, what was so great about Berlin? After a few days soaking up the sun and enjoying as many Beer steins as we could stomach in Amsterdam, a seven hour train journey with my boyfriend would lead me to finding out. We had struggled beforehand to find any accommodation within the city centre, due to a huge football match occurring on the upcoming weekend (bloody football). Fortunately, we managed to find a charming, albeit spider-invested, lodge situated just outside the centre in Grunewald Forest (although that's another story, which you can read all about here) and so after waking in a sunshine filled room surrounded by green trees, we hopped on the bus to explore.
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