11 April 2017

Learning To Love Yourself

Positive Vibes & Self Love

Location: River Mersey, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

Self-love. If you'd have met me for the first time as a teenager, I would have forgiven you if you didn't take to me straight away. I've always been loud, confident and more noticeably, seemingly extremely comfortable in my own skin - and I've felt like this might not have always been exactly praised. However the truth is, as a teenager, I was deeply insecure about my looks and my body. Whenever I felt good about my figure, I'd hear a skinny-shaming comment along the lines of being 'all bones' and 'needing' to put on weight. When I really went for it with my makeup, I heard I was trying too hard, but when I didn't bother I felt that I looked tired or just not well-presented - as though I wasn't trying enough. This is in addition to the million and one hang ups including 'I hate my skin', 'I hate my hair', 'I wish I was taller'... *cut to the Mean Girls scene where Regina, Gretchen & Karen stand in front of the mirror reeling off things they wish they could change about their bodies.
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