29 June 2017

Postcards From Palma: Day Two

Postcards From Palma

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

I'm back! This time I'm bringing you my second instalment of my city break to Palma, Majorca (which in the Manchester haze of grey, cloud and rain right now seems like so long ago! 😔). If you're new here or didn't read the last post, you can catch it here. On the second day of the trip, after a much needed rest, we decided we'd make the most of the day and rent bikes! Before heading to Majorca, I did a little research and according to many tourist sites, cycling is one of the top activities to try in the capital. So when in Palma - it was time to get our cycle on! To rent a city bike for the day, the starting price is ten euros and there are quite a few shops to rent from which you can bring up with a quick Google. I'd been talking about how excited I was to rent bikes for ages, but when it came down to it, I was actually scared 😂. I hadn't ridden a bike for about ten years and I know they say you never forget, but for the first few seconds, I genuinely thought I had forgotten! Luckily, after meandering through a few little streets (and narrowly avoiding pedestrians) it had all come back to me - just get me signed up for Tour de France!

20 June 2017

Postcards From Palma: Day One

Postcards From Palma

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

Yes that is Nutella flavoured ice cream pictured above (no ragrets). Beach body well and truly ruined but ah, what the heck. Summer is in full swing and I'm in pretty good spirits because I'm fresh off the plane from Palma! Palma is the beautiful capital city of Majorca, Spain, located on the Balearic islands. Offering sunshine, scenic views and catering to pretty much all holiday desires - whether it's adventure in the form of cycling or paragliding, or simple luxuries such as shopping and sunbathing - there seems to be something for everyone. It was a little bit of a last minute thing, and a treat before I go off to start my big grown up job as an English teacher (yikes) and move away to work for an incredible charity. These are things I'm super excited about but I acknowledge the fact that it's going to be a lot of work, so a few days of cocktails and patatas bravas seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered. To give you an idea of what you can get up to in Palma and how much I actually crammed into my short trip, I've decided to split my travel diaries into three posts. So, without further ado, here is the first instalment!

7 June 2017

New Beginnings

Chorlton Water Park

Location: River Mersey, Chorlton Water Park, Manchester

Hello readers! I am back again with a cheeky little life update and this time well, it's a big one. The first thing I can say is that I am now twenty-four years of age (yikes), as of 21st May! I did plan on posting a little 'hey guys it was my birthday' before June rolled in, but with the terrible events of May 22nd which happened here in Manchester, I understandably wasn't in a very chatty-blog-post-place at the time. I did think however it was time to fill you guys in with what I've been up to, as I've definitely had a little break from the blog in the past few months, just because I've been a little more busy and basically I've been living at work.

6 June 2017

How To Shine & Sparkle This Summer

Get Your Glow On

As soon as summer arrives (despite the fact it's currently raining outside as I write this - classic) I always like to update my wardrobe and my makeup collection. With the next few months set to be full of events such as festivals and parties, it's no wonder that highlighters, glow kits and sequins are fittingly bang on trend right now. For my 24th birthday, which happened just a couple of weeks ago, I received some gorgeous little goodies for my makeup bag and beauty regime - including unicorn makeup brushes! So I've got together my favourites which will help to give you a little shine this season (including those magical brushes I just mentioned) that will ensure you show up to glow up without breaking the bank.

5 June 2017

Hometown Glory 🐝


Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester, England

Last week I left my job as a barista where I'd met and worked with some really awesome and genuine people in a coffee shop placed in the bustling centre of town. I've left for a new career and a new chapter of my life, and I'd planned on putting together a photo diary of Manchester to express the fact that one door of my life is closing and another is opening - I couldn't have imagined that the city was about to change forever. Manchester is not only a beautiful place, but somewhere I am proud to call home, and if you've followed my blog for a while, you would have gotten the idea by now that I'm pretty proud to be here.
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