26 August 2017

Reflecting On My 2017 Goals

My Updated Goals For 2017

Location: Hilton Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Oh heyyy, I'm back again. I've been blogging way more than usual lately, is this a demonstration of my incredible organisational skills or just a sign that I'm lacking a social life? You decide. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember all the way back in December I wrote a post called Goals For 2017. I didn't have many but there were a few big ones in there, so I thought as we're way over half way through the year now (I cry) I'd go back and revisit them to see if I've achieved any of them yet. I also wanted to see if there was any I didn't achieve if I had any hope in hell of feeling accomplished by the time this December rolls round, or if I needed to set myself some more, realistic targets.

22 August 2017

Little Happy Things

Little Happy Things

Location: King Street Festival, King Street, Manchester

It's summer (apparently) and as always there's lots to be grateful for - although not the weather, that's for sure. I am missing those balmier days where an ice cream van would park up on every corner, the photo above wasn't taken too long ago yet feels like a distant memory. Let's focus on the positives however as that is what this post is about. Right now, I'm not really doing a lot as I don't start my new job until September so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy, living the life. However, I thought I would share with you a few little things that have made my day lately and maybe even turn this type of post into a regular thing. 

18 August 2017

The One With The Festival

Friends Fest

Location: Friends Fest, Heaton Park, Manchester

When my boyfriend Luke and I met (guy pictured above for any new readers out there 😉) one of the questions he asked me (I think it was a deal breaker) was, "Do you like Friends?". I paused for a moment and then responded something along the lines of "obviously, who doesn't like Friends?". Since then however, I've come to realise that not everybody does enjoy or has even watched the TV show (crazy people), and me and my boyfriend are somewhat a little bit obsessed. So, rewind back to 2016 and you can imagine our ANGUISH dear reader when we didn't manage to get our hands on last summer's Friends Fest tickets. I mean *Janice voice* oh my God an entire festival dedicated to the show... and we didn't have tickets. But do not despair! As this year, we did...😏

16 August 2017

Why I Started Blogging And Why I'm Not Gonna Quit

Why I Started Blogging

Location: The Haçienda, Oldham Canal, Manchester

Ooh edgy photo of me being mysterious and looking into the distance (at nothing), do you love it? I'm so glad, because it was actually taken back in October of 2015 when I was just a few months into the launch of this blog: The Sweet Seven Five, although that wasn't where my blogging journey started. I actually started blogging back in the depths of despair Winter 2013, as a sort of hobby between trying to complete my degree and crying about my degree. I've always loved writing (hence why I studied English) and one of my tutors suggested that we have a crack at starting a blog. My first blog was horrendous, it was called 'Blog Crush' and it was pink and white on a background of cartoon cupcakes, sort of resembling a Bebo skin. Then in 2014 I moved on to curate 'Twenty One Press' as I was on the verge of turning twenty-one (clever). That was slightly better, and I blogged about absolutely everything from surviving my third year of university and my horrific love life to the latest Lush products and my passion for volunteering. I did love that blog, but I was truly a beginner with random content and grainy photographs, posting sporadically with whatever word vomit came to me.

11 August 2017

Five Ways To Increase Your Positivity

Five Ways To Increase Your Positivity

Location: Nottingham Castle, Lenton Road, Nottingham

Glass half full. That is the kind of person I strive to be: positive; optimistic; and when things go wrong; resilient. However, let's get real for a second, life is not (to my unfortunate realisation and dismay) a Disney movie, and when things aren't going how you planned or life throws a disastrous catastrophe out of nowhere, it can be really hard to smile and tell yourself 'I'll be okay' because well, how do you know that? Right? However, over the years I've learnt that life stops for nobody and everybody around you is dealing with their own personal battles, whether you're aware of it or not. You can't always rely on others for support or empathy, so instead of feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for somebody to come and rescue you, sometimes you have to just grit your teeth and fight. Now, yes I know I'm not exactly Wonder Woman in my own superhero movie (one can dream) but sometimes for reasons beyond my own control, life can suck a little bit. However, I have adopted a few simple ways that are helping me to lead what I consider, in the grand scheme of things, 'a happy life'. 

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