22 August 2017

Little Happy Things

Little Happy Things

Location: King Street Festival, King Street, Manchester

It's summer (apparently) and as always there's lots to be grateful for - although not the weather, that's for sure. I am missing those balmier days where an ice cream van would park up on every corner, the photo above wasn't taken too long ago yet feels like a distant memory. Let's focus on the positives however as that is what this post is about. Right now, I'm not really doing a lot as I don't start my new job until September so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy, living the life. However, I thought I would share with you a few little things that have made my day lately and maybe even turn this type of post into a regular thing. 

Primark and Matalan homeware
You may have heard that in two weeks I'm moving house and I'm a bit nervous about it. I've been living back at home for a while and I must admit, I've got a bit used to being a bit mollycoddled and even though I'm twenty-four, when you're living with parents you just don't feel quite as grown up as you actually are. However, I am excited about moving away and starting a new chapter and of course moving in. My mum and I went to Matalan and Primark to see what homeware they had and it didn't disappoint. My mum treated me to dreamy faux flowers and candles for my bedside table as well as cute hand towels for my bathroom from Matalan, and gorgeous bedding with a matching throw from Primark. Hopefully when I move in I'll have some time to give you guys a little room tour and get my bedroom exactly how I want it!

Coronation Street
If y'all think I'm crazy right now y'all can just scroll over this one. If you weren't already aware, I am a huge Coronation Street fan, and I am #BAFFLED over the current storylines. I'm pretty sure Eva is going to announce she knows everything at the wedding, and what the hell is gonna happen to Andy? I thought he was deceased! It's all going on on the cobbles and I am hooked.

Dairy Milk Crunchie
I discovered this little block of heaven in the chocolate aisle of Sainsbury's lately and it's CHANGED MY LIFE. Okay, no I wouldn't go that far, Jesus calm down. But with a nice hot cup of tea and a Coronation Street double it does make an evening in way more awesome - something to consider as Autumn comes hurtling towards us.

Blogging events
Last month I went to a blogging event for the first time in aaages. The invites haven't really been flooding in but to be fair, I'm not always consistent with blogging because well, life gets in the way. I went to a really great fashion event hosted at Rosso Restaurant in Manchester's city centre, met some fellow bloggers and got to check out some gorgeous clothes. The food and drinks were also on point and it really boosted my passion for blogging and the community too!

Awesome T.V
Okay, I must admit this past few weeks I've become a bit of a couch potato until I move and start my new job. As well as Coronation Street, I've been particularly enjoying two series in my spare time. The first is (obviously) the new series of Game of Thrones which we can all agree has just reached new levels of insane, although I'll be kind and refrain from posting spoilers. The second is a series on Netflix called The People V's O.J, which is about the trial of O.J Simpson. The cast is absolutely flawless and I love the relationships between the characters, plus the storyline has me hooked. I'm a sucker for watching or reading anything crime related, so this is right up my street. 

So there you have my little happy things. Probably not the most exciting - chocolate and television good God, but please forgive me as I'm not working at the moment and not a lot has been going down. However, definitely treat yourself on those Friday nights at home to my recommendations, and if you're bedroom needs a revamp, you know where to head!

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