One Crazy July

King Street Festival Manchester

Location: King Street Festival, King Street, Manchester

I'm back! Last time I made one of these journal style posts it was to tell you I had just turned twenty-four - something that seems like ages ago now! Since then, you may have been following along with my Postcards From Palma series on here or over on my Instagram, where I documented my amazing mini break to the beautiful city of Palma, Majorca. But what have I been up to since then? Well, you may recall from last time that as well as embarking on a new age, I was also embarking on a new chapter of my life, and more specifically, a new career.

Gaining a place on an incredible graduate scheme, I will be becoming an English teacher moving to a school based in Blackpool this September. As a result of this, I've been spending this summer lesson planning, teaching and attending university, which has made July transform into a total whirlwind! I'm learning lots in a short space of time and having to be resilient, thick-skinned, and generally on the ball - although if you know me, you might be aware that I'm (usually) always up for a challenge, so this time has been a great journey for me. After having a few years out of university to work, meet new people, travel and volunteer abroad, it's so lovely to finally feel like I'm on a solid path and actually envision exactly what I want for myself both personally, and within my career.

On top of all this, I've been trying to manage my 'me-time'. This has meant however that I've had to take a break from social media and blogging, as sometimes there are just not enough hours in the week - never mind the day - and it can start to get a bit too much if I don't prioritise properly. I do indulge in taking a step back from Instagram and Twitter however, sometimes I just want to relish in the bliss of lying in bed catching up on Coronation Street without feeling guilty about it. Plus as one can imagine, it was hard to produce the second and third instalments of my Palma travel diaries without the holiday blues starting to kick in, not an easy task for even the most optimistic people on a grey Mancunian Monday morning! 

Ice Cream Van

As well as watching soap omnibuses and working out how to teach year sevens 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', earlier in the month I and a group of friends attended an Escape Room in Manchester's city centre. It's definitely been a highlight of the month amidst all the hard work, as we were locked into a small room in a cellar with just one hour to break the locks and free ourselves. Sometimes you just need to mix it up and scare yourself half to death, you know? I mean seriously, they put a damn torture chair covered in fake body parts in there and doused the walls in fake blood. There was even a TV screen showing a girl screaming 'Help!' and scratching the walls as we frantically searched for hidden codes to make our way out. You'll be pleased to know reader that we broke out with an entire 16 minutes to spare - absolute naturals. If anyone fancies having a go, we attended Break Out Manchester, and if you fancy being the star of your own horror film go for the game named 'Captured' and prepare for some Saw-style Saturday night fun.

July may be drawing to a close, but there's still a little left to go of my teacher training period. This week I'll be hanging out in Manchester before heading to Leeds on Saturday for more fun and much more hard work. Right now I'm simply pushing through to August when I can look forward to copious duvet days and cups of tea. The main thing is though that I'm doing something I care about, I'm getting out of bed with drive and goals, and whether it's standing in front of a class of twelve year olds or trying to break out of a fake torture chamber, the adrenaline is definitely, well and truly, pumping.

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