Postcards From Palma: Day Three

Palm Trees

Location: Palma, Majorca, Spain

Hello readers, I've finally returned to my little corner of the internet and I bring with me my third and final instalment of my recent trip to Palma! If you missed the last one or just want to refresh your memory, you can revisit it here. It has taken me a while to publish this as I've been a busy bee starting my post grad, but the third day of the trip was by far my favourite (although I did absolutely love the Friday when we cycled to the beach underneath an array of dreamy palm trees). We had decided to book a little activity to make the most of our last full day in Palma, as well as to explore outside of the city - and it proved successful, as it became the most memorable day of the city break.

Beach Bar

The previous day we had cycled just about everywhere and so on our way home, we decided to see if we could find anywhere to book a boat trip. For €50 we quickly found a boat that would take us to a beach down the coast and provide us with paella and sangria - sounded good to me, it was booked within ten minutes! The next day quickly came and we rose nice and early to grab a coffee in the sunshine before boarding our boat. With music playing, the skies glowing and the sea sparkling, we were soon sat back and enjoying the sea breeze through our hair, on our way to a new heavenly beach somewhere.

Boat Trip
Swimsuit From In The Style
Swimsuit: In The Style
Swimsuit From In The Style
Shades From River Island
Sunglasses: River Island

During our hazy journey to our destination, the crew pulled up and told the passengers they had twenty minutes to jump in and go for a dip. I raced down and jumped straight in, which at 11am was as freezing as a school shower after P.E, but extremely refreshing in the height of the morning heat. I love getting on a lilo in a swimming pool on holiday, but for me there's nothing better than diving off of a boat into the middle of the deep blue sea.


As you can see, when we reached the beach we were not disappointed. We chilled on the sand, purchased ice creams and swam in the clear, turquoise shores. It was so good to get away to somewhere that felt so isolated yet so blissful, which made this my favourite part of the entire trip. After a few hours on the beach we reunited back on the boat for Spanish songs on an old guitar, paella, and lots of sangria. When we set sail, we listened to music, and lay back until we reached Palma once more and could spot the beautiful cathedral looming proudly in the distance.

Palma Cathedral
Palm Trees
Bar By The Sea

Our last night ended with us once more strolling to the local harbour after dinner, before heading for drinks by the sea. Once again the cathedral stood contently before us, and the bar we drank in played live music as the stars twinkled above. Palma left me in awe and is definitely a destination I would recommend, if not revisit one day. Hopefully these three travel diaries have not only captured the beauty and diversity of Palma, but shown you how much adventure and magic you can pack into such a short time. Holidays by the pool are awesome, but adventures without much of a plan are forever.

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