Reflecting On My 2017 Goals

My Updated Goals For 2017

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Oh heyyy, I'm back again. I've been blogging way more than usual lately, is this a demonstration of my incredible organisational skills or just a sign that I'm lacking a social life? You decide. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember all the way back in December I wrote a post called Goals For 2017. I didn't have many but there were a few big ones in there, so I thought as we're way over half way through the year now (I cry) I'd go back and revisit them to see if I've achieved any of them yet. I also wanted to see if there was any I didn't achieve if I had any hope in hell of feeling accomplished by the time this December rolls round, or if I needed to set myself some more, realistic targets.

1. Travel
The first goal was to continue to satisfy my travel bug, but sadly due to money, work and a whole heap of other things I haven't really been able to trot the globe. I did however love my little city break away to Palma back in June which has definitely been a highlight of this year: I had an incredible time and was glad I managed to get in a bikini and enjoy the sunshine for a few days. Hopefully before the year is up I might be able to get away for another little city break or weekend away, or at the very least get planning a few trips for 2018.

2. Start a Youtube channel
I had really high hopes at the beginning of this year about Youtube and did manage to set up a channel. I uploaded a few videos on there, but after a while gave up and deleted the lot. The truth is, I just don't have a clue what content to put up there. I don't want to splurge my money at Primark and do a haul because it seems like everybody is doing that, and when I went to Palma I considered creating a travel vlog but really I just wanted to use the time away for myself. Maybe I will embrace Youtube in the future when I feel inspired too, but for now this goal is off the cards.

3. Work hard
This one I can confidently say I have done. At the beginning of the year I started working at a Starbucks in the centre of Manchester and definitely grafted my arse off. It was great to meet some lovely people and work in the heart of town, but in June I handed in my notice and moved on. At the beginning of July I began my post grad which started with an intense five week training course. I start my job properly in just over a week, and I know that for the rest of the year I will definitely be putting in the effort and working hard.

4. Push my blogging
As any blogger will know, this can be a hard task to accomplish in between day to day life (unless of course it's how you make your living). I like to think I've been more straight forward with my content this year, and so far I'm really proud of how my blog looks and what I've produced. I've also become way less worried about the numbers and trying to 'please' a readership, meaning I've become more personal and raw with my posts, something I feel has really helped my little corner of the internet along. For the rest of the year I'll continue to hopefully create awesome content for you guys that reflects my little bubble.

5. Social media
I still haven't made it to 1,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter like I wanted to, but there are still four months left. I'm loving the content of my Instagram feed this year: I've become way more obsessed with getting beautiful pictures and using colours that reflect the season. As we hit Autumn I aim to post pictures featuring dark reds, burnt oranges and bright golds to reflect the mood of the year, something I'm really looking forward to creating!

6. Finish my 'Booket' list
I have taken a good stab at reading 20 books as I said I would, and although I'm not there yet I'm on my way. I have a new found love for my Kindle, I love reading from a 'real' book but Kindles are so handy to use on the go. Many book lovers may disagree with me but for me it's one of my essential go-to gadgets. In the run up to Christmas, I'm looking forward to snuggling up with a blanket, a hot chocolate and one of the books from my list!

Did you set any goals for this year and have you managed to hit them? Or have you just ended up abandoning them completely? Let me know below what you hope to accomplish by the end of the year or if you're just over setting goals for yourself!

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