Why I Started Blogging And Why I'm Not Gonna Quit

Why I Started Blogging

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Ooh edgy photo of me being mysterious and looking into the distance (at nothing), do you love it? I'm so glad, because it was actually taken back in October of 2015 when I was just a few months into the launch of this blog: The Sweet Seven Five, although that wasn't where my blogging journey started. I actually started blogging back in the depths of despair Winter 2013, as a sort of hobby between trying to complete my degree and crying about my degree. I've always loved writing (hence why I studied English) and one of my tutors suggested that we have a crack at starting a blog. My first blog was horrendous, it was called 'Blog Crush' and it was pink and white on a background of cartoon cupcakes, sort of resembling a Bebo skin. Then in 2014 I moved on to curate 'Twenty One Press' as I was on the verge of turning twenty-one (clever). That was slightly better, and I blogged about absolutely everything from surviving my third year of university and my horrific love life to the latest Lush products and my passion for volunteering. I did love that blog, but I was truly a beginner with random content and grainy photographs, posting sporadically with whatever word vomit came to me.

A year later whilst lying on a bunk bed in Prague, I decided I was determined to blog about my travels and when I arrived back in England I made this: The Sweet Seven Five. With this blog I've tried to always have a certain 'direction' and more importantly I started and continue to write this blog purely for me - and nobody else. Recently however, I've been hearing quite a lot of talk from bloggers who say that they don't feel like the 'blogging community' is the same. So, I wanted to REMIND Y'ALL why blogging is awesome, why you shouldn't delete your accounts and if there's anyone reading this considering starting a blog - do it!

1. Develop your skills
When I first started blogging, all I really wanted to do was ramble, rant and share with you guys what I was up to. Four years later and I've gone from uploading badly taken pictures from my phone and throwing a few paragraphs together, to getting super creative with what I put out there. From fake photoshoots to thinking about how to write well about a particular experience, blogging has forced me to up my game and has definitely helped my C.V on the way.

2. See yourself grow
Blogging can be about anything you want, but the key to it is that it's personal to you. So whether it's sharing a new pasta recipe, talking about your gym routine or showing off your new Bobbi Brown highlighter, remember the main thing that shines through the content is your personality. Blogging allows you to grow and actually see your progress, as well as find out what you love. 

3. Widen your network
Starting a blog has allowed me to attend events where I've met awesome, like-minded people who enjoy the same things as I do. It's also allowed me to work with brands, something that I never even considered would happen when I first started putting my little ramblings out here on the internet. Whether you want to get into a specific industry or you just want to connect with people, having a strong network of brands and fellow bloggers is definitely something that should be seen as an advantage. 

4. An escape
I've never seen blogging as extra work or a chore, and if it was then maybe that would be one of the very few reasons I'd delete it. Blogging for me is a chance for escapism, to share my ideas, get my feelings out on to a page and write about what I care about. I'm over looking at other bloggers frantically to see what they're blogging about and trying to match that, that's where the stress of comparison will bite you. If you decide to make a blog then make it all about you, what you enjoy, your advice, your perspectives and your opinions because after all, there's about a million blogs on the internet, but the reader is on yours for a reason!

My blogging journey so far has given me so many amazing opportunities. It's been a place to log on at the end of the day and give my true thoughts, and it's allowed me to keep an online diary of my life for the past two years. If you're considering starting a blog: do it. If you're considering deleting your blog: don't. You never know where it's going to take you and what you might find. Stop focussing on the followers or trying to make your photos look like an M&S advert because it seems everyone these days is doing that. Give the internet something no one else can do: you. ­čĺů­čĆ╗

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