10 Reasons I Can't Wait For Autumn

10 Reasons I Can't Bloody Wait For Autumn

Location: River Mersey, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

Bright and burning colours, cosy evenings in and spooky celebrations: for many of us Autumn is a dreamy season of the year. I've loved summer this year and I've truly felt like I made the most of it, but now I'm ready for all the awesome things that autumn brings. As it lies just around the corner, I thought I'd blog my list of things I'm looking forward to in the hope that you might find a little inspiration, and a little bit of excitement for the season too.

1. Hot beverages
I went into Starbucks the other day and saw that PSL is indeed back! Although I'm not craving one just yet, I know as soon as the rainy days and bitter nights kick in I'll definitely be heading to my local store to warm up with the spicy, sweet goodness. When I'm not up for heading out into the cold northern weather though, you'll find me at home stirring hot chocolate and topping it with marshmallows and whipped cream, yum!

2. Fluffy pyjamas
If there's any time of year to invest in new pyjamas, it's now. I love nothing more than getting home after a long day of working, having a hot shower and pulling on some warm, cute and cosy pyjamas (preferably Disney ones!)

3. Halloween
Halloween has become a massive holiday in the U.K, last year Manchester's Market Street was lined with orange pumpkin lanterns and Twitter went crazy for Hocus Pocus. I'll definitely be sticking the film on again this year, hopefully accompanied by some Halloween baking and some spooky decorations.

4. Bonfire Night
The 5th of November is one of my favourite nights of the year. I always try and head to a firework show or a fair, and in recent years I've usually found myself heading to the pub straight after. I love the atmosphere of the night; watching the bonfire burn; hearing fireworks pop all night; plus the streets are always filled with people which makes the evening even more exciting. 

5. New Lush stuff
In case you didn't know, like basically every blogger out there I am obsessed with Lush Cosmetics. Every year I get so excited for autumn/Christmas releases, and I usually invest in a Halloween-themed bath bomb or bubble bar to get me in the mood. The scents are usually perfect for the time of year, and I look forward to having an extra special Lush bath after a long, cold day.

10 Reasons I Can't Bloody Wait For Autumn

6. Cosy nights in
I may sound a bit crazy but I love when the air begins to get crisp and chilly. The bitter cold days may be hard to face in the morning, but in the evening they're the perfect setting for lighting some candles and cooking something stodgy to cuddle up with, as well as catch up on your favourite series.

7. Snuggling up with a book
As a trainee English teacher I'm a book worm whether I like it or not (lucky for me, I love it).  Of course it's great to lie on the grass or a sandy beach with a book, but for me the perfect setting for a story is a cosy bed or sofa, a dark evening and a warm house. I can't put my finger on it, but reading in autumn is just so much more of a fun activity - especially if it's a ghost or horror story. 

8. The brand new colours
It seems like something so trivial, but I love seeing the leaves fall around me as I walk down the pavement. Seeing the kaleidoscope of autumnal colours slowly change as the streets become a blaze of burnt orange, red and gold never fails to lift my mood.

9. Christmas is on the horizon
Now really I strictly don't get full on excited for Christmas until towards the end of November. You've got to admit though, that with X Factor's trash adverts on the screen and the subtle advertising the shops begin with (like department stores playing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in September...) you can't help but to begin feeling a tiny bit excited for Christmas... *breaks into Rocking Around The Christmas Tree*.

10. Cute candles
I think I've mentioned candles a good few times in this post, but what the hell - candles are awesome! I love having a peek of Yankee's Halloween range especially, but even if it's just a small row of tea lights to warm up a cold day, I'm sold. *Proceeds to create a seance in the living room*.

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